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Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

I have heard so many good things about the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, I thought it was about time I tested it out for myself. 
The first thing I noticed about this product is that it isn't really a cream. I'd say it is more of a gel consistency. At first I wasn't sure how to apply it as it was to thick to rub into my skin. I later found out (after layering a shit ton on my face and wondering why it was so heavy) that it should really be warmed up in your hands and patted into the skin. Since that (revolutionary) step, I have been loving this product. I mainly use it for my dry skin around my mouth and forehead but it can be used for chapping, peeling, sunburn and scrapes. It also says on the bottle that it can be used for the brows, dry hands and to smooth cuticles and nails... what ever that means?

This product isn't for you if you don't like a heavy consistency and feel to the skin. I put this cream on before I go to bed and let it soak in during the night. Otherwise it just makes my face look super shiny and greasy. Oh, and the scent? It smells slightly rosey but to be honest, it just smells like a spa if you know what I mean. I have linked the scent with relaxing now, so as soon as I pop it on I am ready to drift off to sleep.

And finally the packaging, I mean to be fair it doesn't offend me but its nothing special. It is basically just like a swanky 50g toothpaste tube, but as long as the product inside works it really doesn't bother me. And trust me, the product really does work. I have deffo noticed a difference with my skin, it isn't as dry and my make up applies to my face a lot nicer.

Have you ever tried this product?

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June Favourites.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

I am just going to come out and say it... It's going to be Christmas before we know it! I know I said the C word in July but oh my word, where are the months going? Before we know it, it will be the new year. Anyway for now, we'll just stick to the June favourites, eh?

My first fave of this month is Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel in the colour Awe. At first I was a bit scared of using a gel on my brows but it is the easiest product to work with ever. It is so much easier to use than powder, and it gives the brows a much more defined look. The colour is the perfect ashy brown to match with my hair and skin tone. To apply the gel I have been using the Illamasqua angled brush, again this gives the brows a super sharp & neat look, which I love. I also love how dense and small the bristles are, it picks up the perfect amount of product to distribute throughout the brow.

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My next favourites are a few homey bits, which I shared on Insta a few weeks ago. I mean, it's a bit random to have a tray in my favourites but when its this pretty how can I not? I picked this gold hammered metal tray up at Sainsbury's for £9, bargain right? It is actually a serving tray but I think it looks so chic styled with simple accessories. Speaking of accessories, I have been loving fake greenery. With going from my mums to my dads it's getting hard to keep my plants and flowers alive. Fake plants are a great alternative, my fave being eucalyptus. I just picked mine up from The Range. It was dead cheap too, only £1.99.

What are your June faves?

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Summer Fashion Faves.

Friday, 30 June 2017

The breeze has been warmer and the nights have been lighter and with that comes a whole new summer (day & night) wardrobe. Today I just thought I'd mention 3 faves of mine that I have been loving while the weather has been lovely. 

So first off, the shoeeeees! I saw these in Next a few weeks ago and I had to nab them. I did have to size up in them as the size 7 (my usual size) were far to small, so that is something to consider. These little nude beauties were £24 and worth every penny. 
I have been pairing my ripped hem jeans with them, they are the perfect combo. My blue jeans are just the Primark basics and then I cut the ends off, all for the grand total of about £9. Sorry for the crappy image but you see the bag in the corner? That is from Primark too, £7! Anything with plants and leaves on it can take my money. I love the fact that it is a canvas bag too, they add such a casual but chic look to an outfit.

Those are my summery fashion faves, what are yours?

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£3 Highlighter?!

Sunday, 25 June 2017

I am a sucker for highlighters. Every time I head into Boots or Superdrug I always find myself dusting the sparkly pigments onto my hand... and guys, have I found a sparkly pigment! These highlighter are bloody blinding. They are from the brand MUA which is becoming more and more popular in the make up world. When I bought these they were 2 for £5, but now they are priced up at £3 each, which is still a barg. 
I picked up the shades pearlescent sheen (frosty white with a hint of blue) & iridescent gold (pale yellow with gold flecks). I've got to say out of the two the pearlescent sheen has to be my favourite. I love the blue undertone it has to it, and when the light hits it, it is so beautiful. I love the iridescent gold too, but it isn't as strong and pigmented as the blue toned highlighter.
The staying power of these products are pretty good. I mean they don't stay on forever but I can still see a bit of sparkle on my cheek bone at the end of the day. 
As for the packaging it could be better as it is just a white and clear plastic casing, but for the price it doesn't really bother me.

Have you ever tried anything from MUA?

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Layering Gold Jewellery.

Monday, 19 June 2017

About a week or so ago someone mentioned the brand Bohomoon on Instagram. I checked out their site and really liked the pieces they had. Their jewellery is so cheap and the delivery is only £1.99 too, win! At first I was telling myself 'don't get your hopes up, its cheap it may not be as good as the site says' but when the holographic envelope (I know, holographic!) fell through my letter box I knew I was going to love the items and the brand.

I ordered 3 items, but there are two in particular that I needed to share. I first saw the New Moon necklace and decided to pair that with the Inspire choker. Now I picked these up at £5 each, but currently they back to full price. Just keep your eyes peeled for offers, there is always a bargain to be found.

These pieces are very delicate, I sneezed and the choker did snap (hilarious I know) but the loops just needed tightening up and it was good as new. I also purchased the Moon Rising choker too, but I just wanted to talk about the two gold items because together, they are just heaven!

Have you ever shopped at Bohomoon?

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